Thanks for your interest in the gamification materials. I am in the process of updating my offerings for 2017 so I am making several things from 2016 available for free. These are materials that others have found helpful so I wanted to share them with you.

I welcome any feedback, questions or comments you have about the materials and would love to hear how you put any of the ideas into practice.

For a very quick intro into gamification as it applies to learning, you might want to start with this GAME Plan Quicksheet.

For a little deeper dive into the subject, you could take a look at this mini-ebook Get a GAME Plan or Don't Gamify which discusses how to use Goals, Audience, Mechanics and Experience to make your learning programs more engaging and effective.

Finally, there are two handouts from my workshop Gamification Takes Learning into Extra Innings that may help you to ask some of the right questions and get acquainted with some of the elements you might want to incorporate into your training. Here are 40 Questions You Can Take a Swing at and 40 Gamification Ideas for Your Starting Lineup.

Happy Gamifying!!