Five for Friday

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite finds of the week!

Gathering the Magic

If you want to hear someone who is truly joyous about his job and you want to learn more about a card game that has been going strong and getting stronger year after year for over 25 years now, this podcast episode about Magic: The Gathering might be just the thing you need in your life right now. Of particular interest to me was the part about how people play differently depending upon which color deck/cards they play. I'll be talking about a related topic in my next newsletter.

Level up for UX: Design lessons from video games

Good instructional design and gamification design draw heavily from and intersect with disciplines like UX. This articles shows dozens of examples of places video game-like elements have been incorporated into products and in many instances links to the academic research explaining why certain things work.

What motivates more: positive or negative feedback?

As we talk about frequently here, you have to know your audience, but one of the interesting parts of this article is the discussion about using 100% positive feedback when you are dealing with someone who is an absolute beginner so they don't just give up and then adjusting the balance as they progress to the highest mastery levels where you really need to provide exclusively negative feedback to keep them at peak performance.

Easter eggs are always in season

I love when people drop some humor into the middle of text and this is a great example I saw on Twitter. Some names just should not appear in a baby name book, but more books and lessons could benefit from this type of creativity.

Make it to learn how to fake it

A great game was recommended to me this week by LeAnn Weller at UNM-Valencia that wants to help students learn to recognize fake news by helping them to learn how it gets created. This article gives you more background and has links to the game. Let me know if you become the next big fake media mogul.

If you have suggestions for articles, podcasts, games, or anything else you think would be great for Five for Friday, let me know. And if you have any questions, let me know that too, and maybe an upcoming Five for Friday post will have an answer just for you.

Have a great weekend!!