Ice Cream Sunday

My husband and I have a little Sunday evening treat of walking to a nearby ice cream store on Sundays (seasons and weather permitting) and getting a scoop. It's a fun, perhaps child-like, little ritual. We usually take our ice cream and sit in a nearby greenspace with a gazebo and have, on a number of occasions, had the opportunity to meet actual children. 

One was hunting Pokemon and his mother was slightly embarrassed by their interruption as her son bounded toward the gazebo, announcing that there was a Pokemon sitting right next to us. I told him I would sit really still to make sure I didn't scare it off and he snagged it.

Another one alternated between talking to me and his parents and explained to me all about the flavors he had and how they tasted like other things and compared to other ice cream experiences and on and on and his father eventually pulled out his phone to show me a picture of one of the multi-scoop cones as big as the kid's head that the boy had described for me.

It is great to stop and see things through another person's eyes. And it's not just kids that can be wide-eyed and curious and creative, we all can. So what will you do in this coming week to stretch your creativity and tickle your curiosity?

Here's a quick activity to start with. Answer one of the questions below from Noah Scalin's book Unstuck: 52 ways to get and keep your creativity flowing at home, at work & in your studio.

  1. An ice cream shop is naming a new flavor of ice cream
    after you. What does it taste like and why?
  2. Aliens have landed on Earth, and they want you to explain
    what love is to them. What do you say?
  3. You've been asked to describe your favorite color to someone
    who has been blind since birth. What do you tell them?

Let me know what you come up with.

Now go have an awesome week … and don't forget the ice cream!

(Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash)