Are you struggling to find ways to get your learners more engaged? 

I would like to help you do that which is why I am now offering a new online course called Purposeful Play where you will explore how to Deconstruct Games to Construct Engaging Learning.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to participate in a 4 week gamification challenge in which you will learn a method to deconstruct games, revitalize your coursework, and engage your adult learners without sacrificing any of the intellectual rigor of your content.

Curious how this works? Check out this overview of the course. Or feel free to contact me at any time to get more information and so we can discuss how this course could benefit you, and your colleagues. (This course works great for groups of you who want to participate together.)

Course Overview

The course will be delivered right your inbox each week. The course officially starts on May 10 but it is designed to go at your own pace. There will be some special bonuses, however, for participants who complete the work in the week it arrives. There will also be some bonus content and warm-up activities coming your way the week preceding the actual start date so you don't have to wait so long to get started on this learning adventure. One module will be sent out each week covering the following:

What's included

Each module of the course is packed full of content to ensure you have everything you need on this learning adventure. There are videos, worksheets, and suggestions for additional resources so that the learning you start during the course can continue on well after our time working through the four week challenge has passed. You also get unlimited access to me and to a special private Facebook group where you can collaborate with others who are taking the course. 

All about your facilitator

Little did I know when I was growing up, being frustrated because no one (except me and my parents) seemed to be able to spell my name correctly, that my name carried within it the my secret identity. After more than two decades working in the learning and development space, it dawned on me that my name wasn't Valary with a Y at the end, it was really Valary with a Why and what I was great at was inspiring curiosity. That curiosity has led me to exploring the emerging trends in learning rather than sticking with the more traditional (also known as boring) boring approaches.

I knew that learners deserved better. My more cutting-edge, disruptive and engaging approach has led to colleagues and course participants saying things like: 

"You have a quirky unique personal style that is fresh, intoxicating and encourages people to Stop, Look and Listen because you definitely have something to say!" ~ Cathleen

"Your passion is refreshing and downright contagious." ~ Cathy

I have had the great fortune of working with people across a host of industries and at every level of their career. That diversity of experiences has giving me the ability to meet each and every learner where they currently are in their journey. Ingrid, a former student, said she appreciated that I could "speak to a group but spot the one who needs extra help."

I have been a sought-after speaker at learning events from coast to coast and have contributed to a number of articles and publications on learning, creativity, and gamification and am the creator of the GAME Plan framework for gamification in learning.

Have more questions? I'm here to help.