I am always happy to share what I can about projects I have worked on. 

Here are a few of the types of webinars, products, and projects I have worked on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. There are also links to some podcasts and video series on my About Me page.


​ 2018 USDLA Virtual Conference

Learning with Belvista Studios

QuadGrouple Cards


​ Purposeful Play Example​


Gameful Tips for Presentations

4 Cs Case Study

Want to learn more about how we gamified customer service training in the legal environment and then turned that experience into a gamification design sprint workshop? Download the case study to discover some of the key factors to creating a successful gamified solution.

4 Cs Case Study.pdf

Simple Elements Great Results

Not every project needs points, badges, and leaderboards. It is important to find the right mix of gameful elements for your audience. In a recent project we used things like a progress map show above. The cover of each module showed the learner's progress and carried forward a theme that ran throughout. Other elements were Challenges, Hints/Nudges, Community, Levels, and yes a Badge at the end.