Is your learner at the center of your course?

This post is a companion to the Day 2 video of the 40 Gameful Days of Summer.

Learner-centric Experiences

​What is the like to be a learner in your courses? How does it feel? What do they experience? 

One of the most important shifts you can make is to make your designs more learner-centric. Think about watching someone play a game. They are immersed and engaged. They are participating in what is happening (games don't just play themselves). They are active. They are experiencing, not just listening or reading or even clicking on things. They are actively participating, making choices, making mistakes, they are learning. 

But so often in instructional design projects, there is still way more focus on what information to put in, instead of how the learners are going to get the information out and do something meaningful with it. So, put your learner at the center of the action, make them the heroes of their learning journeys and see how that might change some of the design choices you make and how much more successful your learners are.

Let me know what it feels like to be a learner in your course? What do you do to help them have the best experience?

Summer Reading List

Want to read more about engaging your learners by immersing them in the subject matter? You might want to check out Immersive Learning: Designing for authentic practice by Koreen Olbrish Pagano.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash